Minsk Leather Production Association

Production stages

Acceptance of leather raw materials

Raw materials come from various meat processing plants of the republic. The process of accepting hides and skins consists of four main stages:

  • "Unloading".
  • "Lining".
  • "Sorting".


Semi-finished product production
After acceptance, the leather raw materials undergo the following technological processes: soaking, dehairing, ashing, fleshing, deashing, softening, pickling, tanning. After tanning, a mechanical squeezing operation is carried out and a wet blue semi-finished product is obtained.
Manufacture of leather goods
After all the processes described in the second production cycle, the resulting semi-finished product goes through the following stages until the finished leather becomes. goods: doubling, planing, retanning, filling, dyeing, fatliquoring, drying and moisturizing processes, top dyeing, finishing operations.
Finished leather goods are packed and delivered to the warehouse for storage