Minsk Leather Production Association


Training of newly hired employees is carried out individually by highly qualified workers, including for adaptation to production activities, corporate culture and subsequent professional development.

Goals and objectives of mentoring:
  • rendering assistance to the worker in mastering the profession and mastering the job duties in full due to familiarization with modern methods and techniques of labor, transfer of personal experience by the mentor;
  • creating conditions for the formation of a qualified and technically competent employee;
  • involving the worker in the labor process and social life of the organization, taking into account his individual inclinations, fixing him in the organization;
  • adaptation of the worker in the work collective, mastering the corporate culture, adopting the traditions of the work collective and the rules of conduct in the organization;
  • the formation of high moral principles, a sense of duty and responsibility, respect for the profession and a conscientious attitude to work;
  • improving the quality of training and qualifications of the worker, continuous improvement of the forms and methods of mentoring;
  • reduced staff turnover and motivation to establish long-term labor relations with the employer;
  • creation of a favorable social and psychological climate in the team.

In order to adapt young specialists in the organization, a detailed adaptation program for a young specialist has been developed, the purpose of which is to ensure faster entry into the position, reduce the number of possible mistakes, and form a positive image of the organization.