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Producing facilities

Producing facilities

 The enterprise produces the following main types of natural leathers of the chrome tanning method:

  • Leather for the shoe upper;
  • Leather for haberdashery products;
  • Leather for furniture;
  • Leather Crust;
  • Leather for shoes lining;
  • Leather from the split;
  • Semi-finished tanned Vet-blue.
With the purpose of increasing the export potential of the enterprise, producing quality and competitive products on the domestic and foreign markets, the company has implemented and successfully operates a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009. The certificate is registered in the Register of the National System for Confirming the Conformity of the Republic of Belarus under No. BY / 112 05.01. 019 00634.
The products manufactured by the enterprise have declarations on the conformity of quality within the framework of the Customs Union.
Quality control of products is carried out in the organization in the following areas:
- input control of raw materials, chemical materials, new equipment, spare parts, components;
- control compliance with technological discipline in the production process;
- quality control of finished products.
Modernization of production
Currently, the organization has developed a business plan for the investment project "Modernization of production of the Minsk Production Association tannery Minsk district" for 2013-2020.
The implementation of this project involves the acquisition of a new and replacement of physically and morally obsolete process equipment, the introduction of modern systems for monitoring technological processes, the modernization of engineering systems and networks, the reconstruction of treatment facilities, the replacement of fire protection systems and notification systems at high-risk facilities. This will allow the enterprise to reach the technical level corresponding to the world's best manufacturing of a similar profile, to arrange the production of competitive products, to provide an increase in the production of tanned goods with high added value.
 Works on technical modernization are carried out in stages, in accordance with the Program for Modernization of Production.
An important and promising direction in the development of the company is the passage in 2016 of the preliminary stage of the international environmental audit LWG ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT.
This audit is conducted by LWG (Leather Working Group) Germany. At the moment, the company is assigned a "B rating".
btaining an international environmental certificate LWG will become the first and only certified enterprise in the territory of the EAEC countries and opens wide opportunities in expanding export deliveries of ready leather goods to all developed countries of the world to large and well-known "brand" buyers and manufacturers of haberdashery products and footwear ADIDAS, PUMA, ECCO, PATROL, S.Oliver).
Development and introduction of new types of leather
In order to meet the requirements of consumers for the quality and range of tannery products, the organization is in the process of developing and putting on production new leather articles. The company constantly develops new technologies and improves existing ones, introduces new chemical materials, modern types of finishes that promote the production of products with improved consumer characteristics and in accordance with current international requirements. The company cooperates with the world's leading manufacturers of chemical materials for the leather industry - STAHL, SMIT FINISHING, SHIKH LLC, SMIT & ZOON
In close cooperation with foreign specialists in 2016 the following experimental work was carried out:
 - finishing low-grade krastov, finishing nappa polished, finishing the lacquer with embossed with a pulverized plate and smooth, finishing the flotation grinded. New types of finishes are developed: Reptilia, Shagren, split and waxed split.
 - finishing of skins such as Snob, finishing of leather with the use of chemical materials firm Pielkolor.
-experimental work was carried out to increase the score of the indicator of the skin's resistance to dry and wet friction
-an approbation of an amphoteric surfactant for color equalization during drum dyeing was carried out.
 - obtaining nappa and crust of various thicknesses
 Innovative products
Conducted technical re-equipment and modernization of production, own technological developments with the simultaneous introduction of modern monitoring of technological processes allowed the enterprise to enter a qualitatively new level of production of new types of products, incl. Of low-grade hides.
In 2016, 21 new innovative products were developed and introduced into production, including:
Leather for haberdashery products - Julia, Labyrinth;
Leather from the split for the top of the shoe - Cruise, Grand Cruise, Savannah,College, Scarlet Suite, Pulse, Zodiac, Dialogue.