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OJSC "Minsk Production Tannery" is the most modern tannery in the Republic of Belarus and one of the most technically equipped enterprises of the leather industry in the territory of the countries of the post-Soviet space.

The plant was built and commissioned in 1988 under the project of the Italian company "Concerie Cogolo" , The production capacities are designed to produce 500 million dm2 of finished leather and 200 million dm2 of tanning goods per year.

Due to the limited raw materials resources in the country, the plant was originally designed for processing of Belarusian and imported leather raw materials. The monthly demand for tannery in the project is about 2,500 tons.

Long-term quality traditions, imported technological equipment and the most modern chemical materials, the newest technologies for leather processing, the availability of an experimental base and highly qualified personnel are the guarantee of an effective work of the organization in the internal and external markets of tanning goods.

 At present, the company produces a wide range of natural tanning goods from bovine, cow, horse and pig raw materials, chrome and chrome-free tanning methods, various colors and finishing methods for the top and shoe lining, for furniture production, for haberdashery and clothing, for prostheses, accessories and musical instruments.

Mission: All fashionable footwear in the Republic of Belarus will be made of leather, manufactured at OJSC "Minsk Production Tannery".

 Development strategy:

The main efforts of the enterprise team aimed at producing high-quality products and increasing the volume of its sales will be directed to the following tasks:

 Making profit by meeting the needs of buyers in quality, demanded and diverse leather goods,

 Expansion and improvement of product range,

Increasing the competitiveness of products, and the image of the enterprise as a whole

 Active promotion of products in the domestic and foreign markets using modern marketing tools, advertising campaigns, local presentations of existing and new products, Internet promotion, participation in specialized exhibitions, targeted advertising to permanent and potential partners.